Aoi idiot artist

Idiot Artist Aoi (face is from "Spidey and Venom - They Meet". made by the same genius who created The Lazer Collection )

Aoi Sora is a blue haired artist, comic maker, writer (if you call that stuff writing) and overall, random idiot. he's also oddly philosophical with his own weird ideals

battle-wise, Aoi is pretty strong with Aura Manipulation and a huge chainsaw crossed with a sword called a Chainblade


basically, a tall blue haired guy with blue clothing and blue eyes. it's just his shoes and shirt that aren't blue, they're black


Altruistic (fancy word for a kind and understanding person), wise, and horribly random. he can also be terribly blunt about things. he's also lazy as FUCK

he's also pretty depressed (blame school)

History and shitEdit

not much. just an ordinary life that's filled with misery due to school. although there is an awful history of angry outbursts ...

Powers, Abilities, Skills, etc.Edit

  • Aura Manipulation - Pure Energy. able to fuse with other forms of attack to create more power. its also powerful on its own. able to be used in sphere form, beam form, etc.
  • Elements
    • Earth Manipulation
    • Wind Manipulation
  • Chainblade - a large weapon that looks like a sword with multiple blades in it. it can be revved up like a chainsaw and used to attack that way. it weighs a shit-ton. but Aoi can carry it as if it were lighter than a feather. recently, it was upgraded to go into different forms, other than a sword
  • Ultimate Form - with enough aura to be accumulated, Aoi could go in this powerful form. he is encased in an incredible armor, although his body has become completely clear. you couldonly see the lines. Aoi can't be harmed in any way and his power skyrockets.but in exchange, his own stamina and health is sapped. this form can only be kept for a limited time

Links n ShitEdit


  • his imagination is massive. it's exaggerated that if a trip is taken to his mind, you'd be lost forever
  • despite his age, he still watches cartoons
    • he also still watches and plays Pokemon
  • Aoi is a very violent man. although to contradict this, he prefers peace
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