Catlyn is a character in the Lemon Dreams story. She is a ghost and servant of Kurohasu Akuma.


Catlyn's body is transparent with her top half of her body normal and human-like until waist down where her body tails into a smoke-like formation. She has a skinny body with no visible clothing and is usually presumed to be naked. He limbs are noodly and long. Catlyn's "hair" is short and has pointed triangle ends with it covering her left eye. Her eyes are hollow and black.


Catlyn is very modest, caring and loyal. She doesn't like to cause trouble and is very patient.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Transparent bodyEdit

Catlyn's body can pass through objects such as walls and living beings. Doom has been a victim to this multiple times saying that it feels like cold worms going through his body.

Posession of objectsEdit

Catlyn can enter inanimate objects and corpses and move them to her will. She can also push out the soul of a living being and animate their body.


Catlyn has the ability to shapeshift parts of her body to different sizes.



  • Catlyn died after a rabid dog bit her and was being hospitalized until the hospital she was being cared for in burned to the ground with no survivors, with Catlyn perishing along with it.
  • Catlyn's full name has yet to be released.
  • Like any other ghost, Catlyn can only go so far from her bones.
  • Catlyn's favorite object to posess is a patched up cat doll that she owned when she was still alive.
  • Catlyn has known Kurohasu Akuma for a long time and refuses to depart to the next world until she has repaid her debt to her.
  • When she's happy, Catlyn's body will start to burn a white "fire". When she's sad or ashamed, she will turn invisible. When she's angry she will turn red and her body will crackle with static electricity.
  • Magnets are her weakness.
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