Gentleman's monthly is a magazine based on being a true honest person and respecting your elders, women, and manners and being a true gentleman.

It is targetted to a male audience, ironically 90% of the subscriptions are to house wives, which they give to their husbands. They are mainly ignored but contain very useful information on reaching your "true gentleman".

Unlocking your true gentleman will give you the ability to become lusted by any woman you desire, as long as you rate them between 1-10 and their rating is over a 8.

known subscribersEdit


  • It is not real. (gasp)
  • Gentleman's Monthly is a joke about a man getting a uptight and strict at the end of the month.
    • Similar to a woman having a period.
  • A year subscription cost 60 dollars.
  • Sean claims to be subscribed to it jokingly.
  • It starts every issue going "This is not something you just burn, read it slime ball."