Ilk is a ledgendary demon that has been called and identified as "The First Demon", "The First Devil" and "The Father of All Demons".


Ilk has the body of an adult male human with the head of a bull. His head has three eyes, each of them having a blue line outling them. His eyes are a dark, blood red colour with gold pupils. The hair on his bull head is white with three black lines trailing down his face. He also has ten tails, seven representing each vice and the other three representing his ties to three of the Four Worlds. He wears a light tan hakama with a dark blue obi.


Ilk is very quiet, polite, intellectual and non-demanding unlike most demons. He doesn't speak much, but he speaks in a manner where "even the most unruly and wild animal could be tamed by a whisper of his voice."


Ilk was created by the Spirit of Humanity as a god to represent and control all things negative in the world. He was given a world to call his own and the ability to create like his sibiling Ojou, the controler of all things positive. He had decided to create a race known as demons that are the opposite counterpart of Ojou's created race of angels. His first creations were his seven children: Azazel, Beelzubub, Satan, Leviathan, Belphegor, Mammon, and Lucifer.
He then fought in the first Heaven and Hell war, unfortunately causing him to be weakened where he could no longer create his race of demons. Along with the death of his first six sons, he soon died and his body became the new Underworld for it had been destroyed during the war. During his death, he left the underworld and his god status to his remaining son Lucifer Ixenero, where he promised to renew the prosperity of demonity.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

It is unclear of what Ilk's powers are other than the power to create his kin. He also has the ability to convert his soul into physical matter the size of the earth.
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