The Ministry of Information is a massive library that exists in the Underworld of Lemon Dreams.


The Ministry of Information is shared between the three most scholarly countries in the Underworld; Pierce, Lebbanon and Baku.


There are many librarians who work in the ministry. The known ones are listed below-

Thalander StyixEdit

The head of the entire ministry as well as chief of information. He is quite knowledgable in most subjects, especially engineering. He has a bitter personality and often gets angered easily. He doesn't like children and is also quick to use his tail's powers.

Vladimir SpectrusEdit

Vladimir is one of the younger workers at the ministry. He is very calm and level-headed and is a hard worker. He is also Thalander Styix's adopted son.


  • Jason Gestalt got the inspiration for the Ministry of Information from the Library of Congress and the fifth Harry Potter movie.
  • Jason Gestalt's inspiration for the archetecture of the Ministry of Information from the C. Burr Artz library in Frederick, MD.
  • If Jason could choose one place in Lemon Dreams to travel to, it would be here.