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Richard Graysky is a 23 year old student teacher at Scale highschool located in Nova City. He has a minor in physics and a masters in student psychology. He is of mexican decent but since the death of his father, his mother had him moved to a foster family half way around the world.

Though he is extremely calm he can actually become extremely hyperactive to critical points if you so much as flick the area his pancreas rests he will go bonkers from a sudden release of insulin activating the massive amounts of sugar in his blood stream providing dangerous amounts of physical strength. He also becomes very annoying.


Richqard spent 4 years growing up in the rural town of El Mono. His family consisted on his father, mother, and younger brother Esla who was separated from him at the age of 2. Richard was originally named Ricardo by his parents. Richard's father was a simple farmer who was attacked by a strange monster Richard then feared called the Cabra Come. Goat eater in spanish. Richard's father held off the beast long to rush his framily inside, but in turn cost him his life when he was attacked, the beast brutally killing him.

Richard's mother could not afford to raise 2 children so she had no option but to give one of her kids away. She had chose to give up Richard to a foster program sending children across the world to a new, responsible family. He ended up living in Canada with a loving family. After the years went by, he still had nightmares about the fire red eyes staring at him while his father was killed. He never had a good nights rest for years.

One day, he notices his Foster brother hanging out with what appears to be just another chick into Clowns, but when he heard of a clown super hero popping up, he knew this was anything but a coincidence. Richard called on this guess and interrigated his brother. After threatening to call the cops on Saundra, Zeke snapped and told him about her Bongo idea. After learning this, Richard put his phone away and asked to become a super hero aswell.

Due to his Morf genes, his Pancreas when hit could switch between functioning normal, and going into over drive. His blood naturally created sugar as a plant does and when his pancreas is hit, insulin is created at a faster rate, and if fast enough, he can actually have enough energy to break limits of normal human ability.

Using this, he gained the identity of Hype, often describing a hyper person's actions.

Richard now fights along side Zeke and Saundra as a trio of heroes.