"I prefer Comedy over Reality." ~S.Z.

Sean Zielinski is a Amateur comic writter, and VERY Amateur Novelist.

He has met friends from a website called DeviantART and eventually managed to create this very wiki, with some massive help. His deviantart account is called sazersizer , a title he enjoys and refuses to change.


Sean is roughly 5-4, estimated 97 pounds.

He is very skinny and wears a abundance of different shirts, many have no words on them, he hates it when he wears shirts with words on them. People just looking at his chest to read it, ugh....Sean has very dark brown hair and has never dyed it. However he did once want to dye his hair cotton candy blue, and is still a little tempted at times.

He is very skinny and rarely works out, or eats healthy.

He wears glasses frequently.

Family LifeEdit

It sucks basically...

Parents divorced, in huge custody battle for 5 years, yeah, not very fun.

Dad is shipped to bahrighn for one whole year.

Mom is in a new relationship, so yeah...


He`s broke.

Thats all on the matter. It is unlikely he has money besides on his Birthday and Christmas.


He has a couple friends from the internet, and maybe 3 friends in real life.

His best friend in life is Jared, and His best Cyber friend is Jason Gestalt, the two frequently RolePlay.

He also has another Cyber friend on WAY less named Aoi Sora.


He lived in several places before setteling in his current location of Sellersville.

However, he will soon be moving to some where else just as close to Sellersville, called Quakertown .


  • Sean is the Creator of Shon Co.
  • SAZ is the first 3 letters of his Deviant Art account, but it is also his initials.
    • His ful named is Seanathan Austin Zielinski.
  • while Sean says he is very poor, he actually has preety advanced tech at his house
    • such as a laptop, and an iPhone4.
  • Sean is both a troll, and against trolls, he loves being a hippocrite.
  • He created Exploding Lemonade, a chat room on dA where he and Jason have many Role Plays.
  • Sean is both intelligent and idiotic. He estimates his IQ to be 110 or less.
  • He loves wiki trivia, he finds it hilarious/informative.
  • Preety much all of his characters live in Phoenix Arizona, while he himself lives in Pennsylvainia.