Shikokkuja is a Maken scythe, currently weilded by Eater.


Shikokkuja is a thin, jet black scythe in it's weapon form. In it's human form, it takes on the appearance of a pettite woman with no head or hands and black and white flames coming out of it's wrists and neck. It wears a white long sleeved shirt under a black vest and black pants.
Shikokkuja can also transorm into a number of other weapons such as a machete, a katana, a longsword, a chainsaw and a gatling gun. Shikokkuja still keeps it's jet black hue and absorbs any light that comes in contact with it.


Although Shikokkuja cannot speak, it is able to communicate with others and show emotion. Usually, Shikokkuja is very calm and collected but can be very cynical and jealous like her current master, Eater.


Shikokkuja was created by Malencar Szerabi by using a rib from the Horseman of Death himself (which was given to him as a gift) and a piece of cloth from the Horseman of Death's cloak (previously owned by EATER). EATER asked Malencar to make her a scythe 'able to cut through time, space and life altogether' on commission. He agreed to do so and made it for her a few weeks later.


  • Shikokkuja's summoning verse is "Catch them, Cut them, Kill them".
  • Shikokkuja is actually male despite it's female body in a humanified form.
  • Shikokkuja's name translates to "Pitch black serpent".
  • Shikokkuja's has a number of weilders-
    • EATER, Shikokkuja's original master.
    • Fionna Harrax, who used her in a fighting competition.
    • Malencar Szerabi, Shikokkuja's creator.
    • The Horseman of Death, Shikokkuja's "parent".
  • Shikokkuja was inspired by Celty Sturluson from Durarara!!
  • Shikokkuja's theme is "Violet Hill" by Coldplay.
  • Shikokkuja has an overvoice. But the voice actor for it has not been determined yet. Jason Gestalt has mentioned that it would be a male voice.