The Z project was the hunt for the ultimate human. No pain; no fear; no emotion; and most importantly ... no will.

They were picked off the streets for testing a few weeks apart; nothing too close to raise suspicion. The subjects` treatments were brutal. Locked in a dark room filled with nothing but sharp glass and ear splitting shrieks. Being forced to burn items that they felt were dear to them; clothing from past relatives; young childrens playthings; even smaller things such as earings and phones. And as time dragged on, everything they held dear was gone. The first phase was working.

Now the second phase would come into play. Sleepers. Subjects had white noise played in their pens while they slept and ate. Now they were becoming more and more wise about what was going down. Now as the torture increased- so did the white noise. Now the subjects learned more than enough abot what was happening, but this was not a good thing. Now they would alert someone after they leave. But the noise project continued on however- just to see how far they can learn ... past the walls.

The testing was making serious progress. Sleepers were almost able to find a escape route, and had nearly pulled it off. If the guard dogs werent there. But everyone makes mistakes.Sadly their`s was just a bit bloodier than most. Now with the collected knowledge that they needed- the sleepers were released back into the world without memory of anything that happened. Now with people distributed they worked even harder on the regular slaves. Now barbed wire replaced the broken glass and now the floors were laced with grounded peppers, Red hot, and cinnamon. It was pure hell. The subjects got progessingly more and more feral to dangerous points. They were caged animals now- just begging to be let out.